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Episode 015: Penny Preservation and Donation Frustration


In this week’s episode we discuss:

  • Introducing our guests Glen James and The Soorley’s Nick Gleeson
  • ‘Getting to Know You’: Who’s the most famous person we’ve met?
  • ‘Am I Crazy?’: Give a Penny, Take a Penny
  • Donation frustration
  • To Catch a Predator
  • American culture according to Aussies, their own Steve Irwin, and can those whose country was owned by the United Kingdom, as of the last century, actually distinguish between the United Kingdom and Great Britain unlike us?
  • ‘What We Drinkin’?’
  • ‘Favorite Thing, of All-Time, for the Week’
  • Caller, Chester, asks, “When’s a time you offended someone with maybe not realizing you did it?”
  • ‘Show Takeaways’
  • ‘Not So Lonely Exit’ with our two guests

Intro and Outro music by Wizwars