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Episode 007: Cardinal Crimes and Condom Conundrums

Episode 7

In this week’s episode we discuss:

  • Celebrity crushes
  • Stories from the Ghettoplex
    • Cardinal crimes
    • Condom conundrum
    • Tools left behind
    • Light peddlers
  • Ghost Stories with Brandon
  • What We Drinkin’?
  • 80’s/90’s movies
  • Caller CJ calls in with a question:  Individually do we see ourselves confrontational?
  • How to shoplift
  • Brandon awkwardly signs us off but sparks a new idea

Intro and Outro music by Wizwars

Episode 006: Music Bumps & Mumps and Bumps

Episode 6

In this week’s episode we discuss:

  • First albums
  • Erik introduces Burp Diggity
  • Bieber Fever
  • Actresses over 50 & Saggie Gyllenhaal vs Renee Zellweger
  • Adele & Sam Simon
  • Teriyaki Mary calls in speaking only in actual Facebook posts
  •  Sponsor shout out
  • Phone app ideas
  • Do mumps have bumps?
  • What You Drinkin’?

Intro and Outro music by Wizwars

Episode 004: Southern Ireland & Social Segregation


In this week’s episode of the Save It for the Podcast Podcast we discuss:
• Trying to come up with a tag line
• Star Wars (Tickets and Characters)
• UK vs. Great Britain vs. Southern Ireland
• Accents, geography and elements
• Surprise guest Down Southern shares his thoughts
• What We Drinkin’?
• Credit cards not approved
• Cedar Point promotes Social Segregation
• Utility companies hate loyal customers
• Getting fat

Intro and Outro music by Wizwars

Episode 3: What Happened to Episode 2?

Trays Square

We discuss why Episode 2 is missing as well as:

  • Brandon’s rules for the show 
  • We fire our intern Ravi
  • Caller: Cress has a question
  • Pet peeves that starts with toilet paper annoyances but somehow gets us into discussing wiping techniques and toilet seats.
  • We want to be attractive to not only straight women but we explain why homosexual men as well
  • What we drinkin’
  • Stories from Erik’s new duplex project
  • Brandon wants to go back to a previous subject…pet peeves

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Episode 1: What Are We Naming This Show?


In our first ever episode, think of it as more of an Intro/Pilot, we figure we should give the show a name. We also discuss: how this show was “birthed”, Thermos’ (sorry), our special guest Dane Cook, Brandon brandishes a gun, our jobs & the military, and what we won’t discuss on the show.

Intro and Outro music by Wizwars