About Us

Save It for the Podcast Podcast is an intellexual endeavor inspired by typical conversations among the show’s four hosts, Erik, Mark, Jesse and Brandon. To give credit where credit is due the original creator is Cameren Sholl but because he is a United States Air Force fighter pilot his name cannot be attributed to this work. In his place, we’ll “say” Erik thought of it. Erik is, after all, the “first-chair” host. The show is essentially a formal gathering of the aforementioned, wherein microphones permanently document their conversations, for better. The contents of the recordings are vastly varying in topic and narrowly varying in depth but are always honest, unscripted and 100% real. Personal biographies will give our newly faithful and devoted followers a better understanding of the cast of the ‘cast.

ErikErik Douglass Lambert, the show’s founder, is a Fireman, first and foremost, and is a self-proclaimed hero. He saves lives almost every day. When he’s not extinguishing fires for grateful citizens, he is protecting the Air Force’s fleet of KC-135Rs from fire and flame. What else is to be said!? Oh, he is the husband of Amy and father of two. Erik likes popcorn and loves Buick Rendezvous. He has two curly dogs that breed a lot. Erik has aspirations of becoming a slum-lord millionaire. Erik can be found at home most days because he really doesn’t work. He can also be found online as one of many male models/fireman featured in the sexy fireman calendar release of 2014, in which he was Mr. December. Erik is the least educated.

MarkMark Golden is truly the driving force behind the show’s existence. Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the realms of marketing, public relations, communications, radio and the development of a great social media presence. Without him, this show would most definitely be no more than an incredible idea in Cameren’s head. He has been employed as a Marketing Specialist for a lucrative and prestigious PR firm in NYC. Currently Mark is a work-from-home dad with many endeavors in podcasts, ponzi schemes, blogging and unique digital art creations. Mark loves to laugh and has actually been employed FOR his laugh. Mark is a loving husband and father and has a wonderfully infectious charm. If you ask Mark he’d probably want to tell you something about being from Florida, FSU, Noles, Arsenal, blah, blah, blah–whatever. Just ask him. I’ve already written too much about Mark.

JesseJesse Poland, aka J-Pole, Dirty Pole, J-Dog, JessPo, ManchesterMan2316, The Manchester Chester, etc. is one sexy m-f’er. He is the youngest, most educated, most handsome, handsiest player on the cast. Jesse is a liberal in a conservative’s body. Jesse, professionally, is a mystery. All that is known with regard to Jesse’s employ is that he works for the government and he handles large amounts of money. Jesse is an avid treadmiller and this is reflected by his stunning physique. Jesse met David Beckham one time and so he is a Manchester United fan. Jesse is a devoted husband and father and an award-winning coffee roaster. He loves to sing and play guitar and prefers finger-pickin’. Jesse is super relevant and knows lots of cool music and is an incredibly gifted portraiture artist. Jesse also has a curly dog but his has a snaggle-tooth.

BrandonBrandon Hollis draws pictures of houses and fixes airplanes when they break sometimes but more importantly, he is a very creative individual. His presence on the show is an absolute necessity and this is irrefutable. Brandon brings a much needed quirkiness to the line-up. If not for Brandon’s unique contribution the show would most certainly feel like cookie-cutter swill. Brandon’s intellect surpasses his ability to speak which ultimately results in much of his genius being buried by lesser thoughts from others. Brandon is more educated than Erik but lesser educated than Jesse. He is the proud father of twin boys with his beautiful, critical wife. Brandon is a bit of a conundrum, to say the least. He is really into tools and carpentry and woodworking whilst simultaneously he is deep in the rabbit-hole of men’s designer undergarments. Though he is disinterested in sports matches and carries a man-purse and sometimes wears ladies pants and swimwear smaller than his wife’s, he also has a knife and a gun and is arguably the most masculine cast member.