Episode 011: Everything Stained and Stories Unrestrained (w/Guest David Carey)


In this week’s episode we discuss:

  • We introduce our guest, David Carey
  • “The Incident” is relived and debated
  • Our guest David takes questions
  • What We Drinkin?
  • Brandon’s ‘Fit It In There’ aka ‘Word of the Day’
  • Brandon defends his music
  • Is the world flat?
  • Our guest, David, shares a circumcision story with us
  • Callers, 2 Demo Dudez, Tyson and Robbie, call with a question
  • We discuss, in length, our proudest moments
  • ‘Rotten Tomatoes Reviews’ and please leave us a similar review on iTunes
  • ‘Lonely Exit’ with our guest David

Intro and Outro music by Wizwars

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