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Current Episode

Episode 019: Improv and Intellect (w/Guest Brandon Tarzis)

In this week’s episode of the Save It for the Podcast Podcast we discuss: Introducing our guest, Brandon Tarzis, a comedian and performer for UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade) in New York; ‘Getting to Know You’: Name a place you’ve never been that you want to visit.; ‘What We Drinkin’?’; We play ‘What’s In Your Wallet?’; We learn improv warm-ups and techniques; We have a relay call from Jake, who uses relay operator Timothy to ask: What are two words that, people who know you, would use to describe you?; ‘Tyler’s Takeaways’; and the ‘Lonely Exit’ with guest BT.

Recent Episodes

Episode 018: Middle Name and Hand Shaking Shame

Episode 18

In this episode of the Save It for the Podcast Podcast we discuss: We solve the public bathroom debate; ‘Getting to Know You’: What is your middle name?; We get interrupted by a call from our friend Nick Bradley who has his own #ghettoplex story; We play ‘Urban Dic’; ‘What We Drinkin’?’; Caller Danny asks us: How do we spend our free time individually?; Brandon asks us our opinion about a social situation he was in; ‘Tyler’s Takeaways’; and Jesse does the lonely exit with some celebrity guests. Listen here.

Mother’s Day Special: Push It & Wriggle

Mothers Day Special

In this week’s episode of the Save It for the Podcast Podcast our wives are running the show for Mother’s Day and discuss: Clearing up a few things Brandon has left on the show; ‘Getting to Know You’: What was your first impression of your husband?; In ‘Favorite or Worst Thing of All-Time For the Week’ even the ladies take it back to the bathroom; ‘What We Drinkin?’; Caller Tandy calls in asking what the ladies like most, and what annoys them most, about the guys; Michelle takes over Mark’s role for ‘Am I Crazy?’; Amy takes over Erik’s role for #ghettoplex stories; Heather takes over Brandon’s role as the perverted one with this week’s ‘Show and Tell’; ‘Tyler’s Takeaways’; ‘Lonely Exit’ with Heather who tells a sex story about her and Brandon’s threesome. Listen here.

Episode 017 (Part 2): Hipsters, Heists, & Homeless (w/ Fashion Week’s Jason Turner & Tyler Earnest)

Episode 17 Part 2

In this episode of the Save It for the Podcast Podcast we discuss: Our guests Jason Turner and Tyler Earnest of band Fashion Week ( are still in studio with us; Caller Clementine Beatrix Tesla talks Cos Play, Coffee, Hats, and asks us a question; Which subculture do each of us identify with?; What would our guests want us to do differently for the show?; Tyler tells us about his experience at the gas station and how he used to live near Erik’s Ghettoplex; Erik tells a Ghettoplex story; The birth of Tyler’s Takeaways; ‘Lonely Exit’ with Jason and Tyler; and our guests play their newest single “Even When the Sun Goes Down” from their band Fashion Week. Listen here.